Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Slow Club - Paradise

Paradise starts off with a bang, soulful and punchy with electronic undertones, lead single 'Two Cousins' sees a departure from Slow Club's 2009 debut full length 'Yeah So' which was more of an ode to teenage heartbreak and all things 'twee'. Whether Slow Club have done this consciously or not, they will definitely shake off the twee tag with Paradise. Some of this album feels like it's advert ready with 'Two Cousins' sounding like the soundtrack to a KFC advert, whereas 'Never Look Back' could easily replace the current M&S advert. Although not quite so different that it's unrecognisable, this Sheffield duo's sophomore effort has matured with the band like a fine wine. As Rebecca and Charles harmonise on 'Where I'm Waking', "You've got something to smile about", rest assured they have something to smile about with this album. 

Featuring more of Rebecca's glorious vocals and trademark drums that seem to fully establish themselves throughout the album, Paradise sees Slow Club fully in their element. Although a lot more bipolar emotionally than 'Yeah So', it's great to see the contrast such as on 'Where I'm Waking' which is a discombobulation of crashing drums and shouting vocals where 'Hackney Marsh' is more mellow and acoustic. Although following the same themes as their debut, Slow Club have adapted their sound for the tricky second album but they've succeeded, much like Noah and the Whale's transition between Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down and The First Days of Spring, Slow Club are opting for a slightly more solemn approach which seems to prove popular. 

By Aurora Mitchell

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