Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Marina and the Diamonds - Fear and Loathing

Posted on the 4th day of the London riots, this new track from Marina and the Diamonds (posted under the alias Electra Heart on Youtube) feels like a fitting message towards the rioters, in the words of Marina, "There is no crime in being kind". Moving away from the bouncy pop hits from 'Family Jewels', a more cinematic approach has been taken towards her song writing.  Perhaps this is Marina Diamandis' way of telling people to sit up and listen because she's not just a one trick pony. 

Starting with stacatto beats that sound like morse code and nuanced synths, this is a world away  from Marina's previous work. Although she has kept her trademark vocals, in the video for 'Fear And Loathing', she hastily chops her hair off to signify a new start. Lyrically, she has grown up and it feels like she's delving into the deep core of her emotional stream. She has worded them in such a way that it has her own personal touch on it, confessing "I've lived a lot of different lives/Been different people many times". 'Fear and Loathing' will hit a nerve with many as Marina has encapsulated the thoughts of those who cannot face up to reality and can't admit their own flaws. 

By Aurora Mitchell

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