Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bands to look out for #10

It feels like it's been a long time coming but finally we reached our 10th band to look out for! Liverpool based Outfit have been talked about by the most important people regarding new bands, Guardian Band of the Day's Paul Lester and NME's New Music Editor Matt Wilkinson. Although single 'Two Islands' takes a while to kick in, simmering slowly with faint percussion and atmospheric guitars for a minute exactly, ricocheting piano jumps in and crooning vocals. They're signed to Double Denim and that comes as no surprise since they share the same label with Stay+ (formerly Christian AIDS), also seemingly playing up to their mystery as the former two and obscuring their faces (as shown in above photo, which bears similarity to Neil Krug's Skying shots for The Horrors). With a band name like 'Outfit', they're going to be almost as Google unfriendly as Girls. B side to 'Two Islands', 'Vehicles' shows a more upbeat side to the band but not in a chaotic way that many bands seem to end up doing, it's like trying to stuff your whole wardrobe into a suitcase, it just doesn't work. 'Two Islands' sounds like it could be a B Side to a Wild Beasts single and that's definitely a good thing.
Debut single Two Islands/Vehicles 7" comes out 12th September on Double Denim

By Aurora Mitchell

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