Friday, 19 August 2011

Fleet Foxes @ Brighton Dome 16/08/11 - Live Review

The last time Fleet Foxes played a show in Brighton it was at the Audio. A venue with a capacity of one hundred people and a reputation for hosting new and upcoming bands. Three years on and Fleet Foxes return to the south east coast, only this time to make their presence felt at the sold out Dome. They’re predictably and noticeably a bigger band today than they were three years ago and with a second album now in their locker, Fleet Foxes are recognised worldwide as one of, if not the best band in modern folk music. Tickets for the show flew out in no time and the lucky two thousand odd fans who managed to get their hands on a ticket, patiently stood in the packed out concert hall, quietly and eagerly awaiting the bands entrance. The pre gig build up to this show created a real buzz within the city, with many predicting it to be a somewhat perfect and memorable occasion.
The venue’s Victorian appearance partnered with an attentive, appreciative crowd paved the way for Fleet Foxes to be at their best and make for, maybe not a perfect occasion but a thoroughly special one. The show starts slowly, an awkward introduction from frontman Robin Pecknold turns into a stunning rendition of ‘The Cascades’. An opener that showcases his acoustic talent and ability to draw in the audience with two minutes of guitar playing. It grows into an emotional set from the Seattle band, with many members of the audience clearly moved by the intensity of the performance. Harmonies seemed to float around the venue at ease whilst the mandolins and organs blended effortlessly into their surroundings, setting up a night that not only sounded dazzling but looked it too. Playing an array of songs from both their self titled debut and ‘Helplessness Blues’, the set was watched in complete silence at most times. Many including myself, were far too engaged with the performance to form any reaction at all. ‘Helplessness Blues’ marks the end of the night for Fleet Foxes, and causes Brighton Dome to erupt into a rightly timed applause.

By Josh Barrow

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