Friday, 22 June 2012

Vacationer - Gone

These days it seems as if all that is being churned out of the American music machine is 'alternative' bands with 3 things in common: skinny jeans, a keyboard player and a floaty electronic sound. While indie kids and hipsters alike may rejoice at the news of a band describing their genre as 'Nu-hula' and claiming their influences are 'chilling out', the pessimist inside me expects nothing more from Vacationer than some arty lyrics sang with an American twang in order to perhaps recreate sounds similar to that of MGMT or Foster The People, or even better; have a single used in a digital camera ad.

However, upon first listen to the album I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that Vacationer have not gone down the expected route of picking up a synthesizer and singing about trees and calling it 'experimental'. They have actually done the impossible task in this day and age to create a fresh sound by playing around with contrasting ideas - in a matter of tracks you will hear the use of a strings, hand claps, a pair of decks and what sounds like a flute. If all that doesn't tempt you into having a listen, there's still a healthy dose of catchy drum, bass and guitar riffs and sing-a-long choruses.

The first track, Everyone Knows had me interested, as opening an album to the sound of birds is a good a way as any. But don't worry, they don't mess about too much as you can hear every track on the album is made for the sake of making good music. The happy keyboard chords and infectious chorus are mood lifting. When later reading that the purpose of the album is ''relaxing the listener and sending their mind on a well-deserved trip'' I totally get it, as the more I listen on I swear I feel as if the sun is suddenly shining. Good as New is a track so far up my street its knocking on my front door, as the intro sounds like a Disney sound track, and mixed into a simple beat I feel like Vacationer have definitely taken me on a Vacation already, as I will be singing the line ''I'm feeling good as new'' for days. Trip is by far the best track on the album, if you do one thing today – listen to this song. Who knew a keyboard, an African like drum beat, bird song and a flute could sound so perfect together?

I could probably take you through each track individually and explain my admiration and love for the different techniques and sounds used and created in the album, but then that would ruin the fun for you. This is a must have album for summer, the tracks Summer End and Be With You have inspired me to create a play list entitled 'Songs To Drive To The Beach To', just so they can be at the top. This album is pretty light hearted and airy fairy, but Great Love has a rock'n'roll indie feel to it, suggesting Vacationer could be an interesting prospect live.

I would recommend this album to most people, no matter what bands you're into, I think you'll enjoy this album. Press play, raybans on, and, as the band say, you can ''Vacation from anywhere at anytime''.


Roisin Seaton

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