Monday, 11 June 2012

Crushed Beaks - Grim

After the extraordinary onslaught of noise and reverb that consisted their first single release, the overwhelming Close Ups / Sun Dogs (which you should definitely take the initiative to pick up on 7" should you find yourself come across it in your local record store), London duo Crushed Beaks return to bombard us with yet more glorious noise.

Grim, despite it's title, is cleaned up (by Crushed Beaks' standards anyway) but still packs an almighty punch, otherwise absent from many of their London-hype-act contemporaries. Most noticeably, the reverb has been lessened allowing more driving drum thuds, and actually semi-legible vocals. It's got less grunge and dirge in comparison to the the almost Sonic Youth like songs that preceded it, almost acting as a U-Turn towards more traditional indie pop with a lingering Smiths reminiscent bop. The track sounds mildly compacted, with a little bit less sonic freedom than their previous, but with a strong melody and actually half-decent impassioned vocals, this is promising stuff from one of the best new bands in the UK and is the start of a route that no-one should protest Crushed Beaks taking us down.

Toby McCarron

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