Thursday, 21 June 2012

Purity Ring - Fineshrine

For anyone familiar with Purity Ring's exceptional output thus far, new track Fineshrine will come as no surprise. It's a rather remarkable track, showing no real deviation from the dazzling, chopped up future-pop cuts we've been lucky enough to indulge in for the past year or so, yet displays phenomenal amounts of invention and the indication that Purity Ring now have a signature sound and are far more than just another buzz-band.

The tempo and comfortably foreboding atmosphere is very similar to previous tracks Lofticries and Obedear, but Fineshrine has it's own magic within. The stuttering drum machines and otherworldly background oscillating samples are utterly captivating and dense, which combined with singer Megan James' tuneful occasionally childlike vocals have the ability to leave a unassuming listener in complete awe. This is music to fill up your head with on a deafening speaker system or particularly bass heavy headphones, and should get anyone who comes across it to get that little bit more excited for their debut record 'Shrines', out on revered label 4AD.

Toby McCarron

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