Friday, 8 June 2012

Jens Lekman - Erica America

‘Erica America’ is the first song off Jens Lekman’s forthcoming album ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’, which is being released on September 3rd. The song is in the same narrative style that many have come to associate with Lekman, in fact I now assume he’s reading me a bedtime story whenever he starts singing, and seems to show no real change of direction from the recent EP ‘An Argument With Myself’. Although when you’re writing songs as good as this why would you need a change of direction? Spanish guitar mixed in with occasional brass as the apparently heartbroken Lekman bemoans ‘I wish I’d never met you’ while still managing to lend the song a vaguely jovial atmosphere. A pretty impressive mix. 

Jessy Parker

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