Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Playlist / Round Up

Hello everyone, thanks for sticking with us throughout the month of June!

And what an excellent month it's been for new music, with reviews on our site of albums we've enjoyed from the likes of Edward Sharpe, O. Children, Citizens!, Metric, Momus and DIIV

But here are the June releases that really stood out to us, as well as a spotify playlist to delight yourself with an eclectic mix of 10 exceptional tracks we've been rinsing this month. Roll on July!
Liars - WIXIW  (
full review here)

"every chop and change, and moment of apocalyptic brooding is visionary and carries thousands of times more depth than most modern experimental outfits. This is not their best album by any stretch, but it certainly warrants maximum attention over multiple listens, and is thoroughly engrossing and foreboding throughout. " 8.3 - Toby McCarron

Tomas Barfod - Salton Sea  (full review here)

"Whilst ‘ƒIN’ is still undoubtedly my favourite house record of the year, Tomas Barfod’s ‘Salton Sea’ comes a close second with its intricate layers and attention to detail." 8.1 - Aurora Mitchell

The Walkmen - Heaven (full review here)

"The Walkmen have risen, fallen, grown-up and risen again from the ashes.
Heaven? Close enough" 8.0 - Max Sefton

June 2012 - Sound Influx Playlist by Toby McCarron

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