Monday, 20 February 2012

Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid

Now, as we all know, Sleigh Bells’ debut ‘Treats’ was ace. Furious guitars, great vocals, noisy drums. A hugely exciting chunk of music.

‘Comback Kid’ is the first single from the bands follow up, titled ‘Reign Of Terror’ (out February 20th), and on first impressions it doesn’t feel like the band have really pushed the boundaries that much. All the ingredients from their debut are present; messy drums and heavy guitars in abundance, yet little else had been added. It is, if anything, a little tamer than most of the tracks on Treats, with its sung rather than shouted vocals. It’s not an unpleasant chance, reminiscent of the ethereal title track at the end of Rolo Tomassi’s Cosmology (vocally at least).

Providing Reign Of Terror is packed with as much energy as Treats (which, by all accounts, it is), the lack of it here isn’t too worrying. Yet more than anything Comeback Kid seems like a strange choice for a lead single. It’s definitely good; it just lacks much to grab the listener. There’s no huge progression or massive hook to get stuck in your head. 

Sean Collison

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