Monday, 6 February 2012

Grimes - Genesis

If first single ‘Oblivion’, or a recent signing with 4AD is not enough for you, Grimes new single ‘Genesis’ definitely should be. Montreal’s Claire Boucher, or Grimes as she’s better known as, has released her second single in the build up to her debut album ‘Visions’, out on 12th March this year.

Gentler than the debut single, ‘Genesis’ sees Boucher’s vocals drift in and out at whim, seeming so effortless amongst the twinkling synths and swooping keys. The rushing and whooshing is something that could potentially be becoming part of Grimes’ trademark. The gradual build up of this, combined with the arrival of percussion and the dipping in and out of sparseness, gives a whole new dimension to the song, bringing excitement with it.
Strangely relaxing yet simultaneously exciting, this track (coupled with the previous Oblivion) provides a propitious start to Grimes, and has already set a standard for her album. 

By Emily Arc

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