Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sound Inbox #1

We here at Sound Influx are big fans of all things new music. Doesn't matter what genre or style, we'll give it a listen and let you know if we like it. This new feature sets out to examine just some of the music we get submitted to us by bands via email and our soundcloud dropbox, and most importantly highlights some ace often lesser known acts for your listening pleasure.


Our first track this week comes from London based solo musician Louie Denniston, otherwise known under the pseudonym of Dropzone. Off the back of his first EP out late last year and covers of tracks by SBTRKT and Cults, comes new track 'Burning Questions' which to put frankly sounds pretty special. The track is centred around Louie's rich almost folky vocals, atop a swathes of twanging guitar; a sort of hybrid of WU LYF and Noah & the Whale. It's a beautifully produced and clear sounding track from a very promising artist indeed.
Check out Dropzone's soundcloud here, you won't be disappointed.

The Bedford Incident

Sheffield lot The Bedford Incident have been kicking around since 2003, and the group (seemingly named after the 1965 cold war film) have just put out a belter on their soundcloud with 'Voices on the Radio'. The influences are quite clear, It's a little bit of The Smiths, a smidgen of Pulp and a dashing of Arcade Fire, and actually very good. The track has a real fun collaborative feel to it, as they sing "we live each day like it's our last" it's hard not to get swept up in the joyousness of it all
Check out their soundcloud here or their myspace here

Heidi Klum's Bangs

Following in the footsteps of 'Gay for Johnny Depp' and 'Joanna Gruesome' comes the similarly ludicrously named New York band Heidi Klum's Bangs. So what do they sound like? Well there's a certain amount of multi-instrumental dabbling present on both tracks 'Breath in the Lamplight' and 'The Lanes' which brings to mind artists like Beirut, Sufjan Stevens and Neutral Milk Hotel with the Marimba and Xylophone twinkles and smatterings of trumpet that echo through the tracks, accompanying singer Zach Beck's nonchalant yet affecting vocal delivery. It doesn't exactly bare any resemblence to the hairstyle of the German model, but in this case that is no bad thing.
Check out their facebook page here

Send all music submissions to or put them in our soundcloud dropbox (Link on the right hand bar on the homepage)

Toby McCarron

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