Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bon Iver - Towers

It’s that time again. Time to listen to Justin Vernon’s voice and cry. Yeah, BON IVER TIME. Never do I feel such a conflict of emotion.

Bon Iver have released ‘Towers’, the latest single from sophomore self-titled album, which also sees the appearance of acclaimed pedal steel guitar player Greg Leisz. Not quite as heart-wrenching as previous releases (you know which song I’m hinting at), Towers is admittedly much more upbeat and ‘energetic’ (we’re talking about Bon Iver here) but the vocals of Vernon are still just as intimate and delicate and compliment the string section superbly. Interestingly, percussion is absent from the track until about two minutes in, and even then they’re only present for about thirty seconds before fading off into the distance, letting the focus return to those vocals.

A perfect song. I’ve stopped crying now. Honest… 

By Emily Arc

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