Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fixers - Iron Deer Dream

Fixers' debut EP (our favourite of last year no less) ‘Here Comes 2001 So Let’s All Head For The Sun’ was released last year, and showcased the Oxford-based band’s crisp and captivating sound. Now the group have definitely been given the perfect opportunity to present their fresh sound with many dates coming up on their tour. 

‘Iron Deer Dream’ is a very nicely packaged song, and emits what Fixers are all about. We are greeted with singer Jack Goldstein's vocals which sound like a mix between Animal Collective and Lostprophets. Thanks to the great vocal range of the whole band and the thick layering of the music, Iron Deer Dream is a head mover for sure. In addition, the counter-melodies in the chorus make the song very immersive. It is difficult to make a categorisation with this track, as with many other songs by Fixers.

Overall a great tune, and will hopefully see Fixers get a shot at some more festivals coming up this year. With songs like these, there is no doubt that everyone will be smothering their faces in cereal-based products in homage to the accompanying music video, which is similary excellent and imaginative.

Adam Laurence

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