Monday, 6 February 2012

Die Antwoord - Ten$ion

The biggest thing to come out of South Africa since tap water, Lucas Radabe or Nelson Mandela – Die Antwoord are back with sophomore album TEN$ION following a world tour on the back of debut $O$ and a falling out with ex record label Interscope after trying and failing to send Die Antwoord down a more mainstream path. TEN$ION is to be released on their own label ZEF recordz. 

TEN$ION kicks off with a new direction for the rap rave crew, Ninja spitting over a fluttering dubstep beat making for a more laid back outing from Die Antwoord yet with just as devine results in ‘Never Le Nkemise.
Yolandi visser's turn now to take vocals, ‘I Fink You Freaky’ puts you straight back into the rap rave world. Ninja - never one to turn down the chance to jump in on DJ Hi Teks thumping bangers - is certain to get crowds worldwide jumping out of their skin, ‘Jump motherfucker jump motherfucker jump’ is Ninjas message, not that anyone would need telling twice, taking the song up a notch before Yolandi and DJ Hi Tek twist the track on its head once again and taking it down another route. 

A couple of interludes and a skit later, ‘Baby’s on Fire’ commences the second half of TEN$ION. Assured to be an anthem within the club scene, Baby’s on fire is a throwback to  90s ravers, to glorious effects. And ‘Make a Ninja Wanna Fuck’ is the place to go if you have ever wanted to know what Ninja singing ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ would sound like. 

‘Fok Julle Naaiers’ roughly translating from Afrikaans as ‘Fuck you wankers is another track that is full of lyrics to make you laugh and also beget a story in your mind ‘May my enemies live long so they can see me progress’ is Ninjas mantra that everyone should live by. 

Producer DJ Hi Tek brings TEN$ION near its end in the only way Die Antwoord can, ‘DJ Hi-Tek Rulez’ is a skit from an infamous and just as hilarious Mike Tyson rant which caused much controversy when the ‘Fok Julie Naaires’ video dropped back in early December. 
The album then comes to a proper close with ‘Never Le Nkemise 2’ a rave/dubstep mashup which shall be another guaranteed to get everyone in the vicinity of a live show dancing their bones off. 

Packed full of next level beats courtesy of DJ Hi Tek, Ninja and Yolandi have successfully defeated the curse of the 2nd album, which can make or break careers. The only fault I have with TEN$ION is its length, only 35 minutes in length by the end you are left wanting more. TEN$ION is a voluminous improvement from an already near faultless debut $O$, It’s time to take Die Antwoord seriously.


By Aaron Lewins

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