Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Parakeet - Tomorrow

Yuck’s Mariko Doi, and James Thomas from The History Of Apple Pie have formed to create something brilliant – Parakeet. 

Single ‘Tomorrow’ takes the great aspects of both bands and blends them together wonderfully. It’s a straight-forward, bass laden track with Mariko’s distinctive (and rarely previously heard) vocal over the track. Her voice is much edgier and audible than that of THOAP, which works a lot better in my opinion. ‘Tomorrow’ is quite a messy track, with cymbal crashes and lo-fi chords being thrown all over the place. Parakeet take the fuzziness of THOAP and blends it with the often angsty pace of Yuck tracks such as ‘Operation’. It’s a satisfying track, but not one that immediately makes you want to listen again. ‘Tomorrow’ may not be anything new or original, but what more could we expect from a THOAP and Yuck hybrid?

Hannah Bettey

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