Friday, 3 June 2011

Bands to look out for #5

Christian Aids
A good sign of a new band with a lot of potential is one that cannot be grouped into a scene with their music. Although Christian Aids are one of the least comparable new acts to come out of 2011, their music has been described as a rave revival. The way debut single 'Stay Positive' builds up into a dark euphoric rave anthem, you would expect them to slowly be making waves in the club scene. Playing for free at The Victoria in Dalston on June 30th, it's obvious that Christian Aids haven't quite established themselves but the hype is slowly building up as more music establishments/blogs start to take an interest in what they're doing. They have been labeled a 'Manchester buzz band' but unlike many others in the Manchester scene, they offer a fresh perspective unlike more stereotypical acts who often cite their adoration for Joy Division. There is an element of mystery that draws comparisons to Wu Lyf whereas Christian Aids' mystery does not orchestrate their popularity as a band. Despite the all familiar tendency to hide their faces and identities, Christian Aids are a unique listening experience and part of a very important shift in new music. Having only played live three times, it's well worth seeing them at their first headline show and there is more information on the Eat Your Own Ears website about where to get your free tickets.  
Debut single Stay Positive 7" out now on Double Denim

By Aurora Mitchell

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