Monday, 11 February 2013

Youth Lagoon - Mute

Following on from the arresting 'Dropla' released earlier in the year, Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon has released another track from his forthcoming follow-up album to 2011's 'The Year Of Hibernation'. The album, for those of you that don't read pitchfork, is to be titled 'Wondrous Bughouse', and so far is signalling a big league shift for Youth Lagoon.

Like 'Dropla', new track 'Mute' is encouragingly intelligible vocally, marking a change from the reverb Powers often hid behind on 'The Year Of Hibernation'. It is this added clarity that should make Youth Lagoon a pretty big deal this year, he's certainly got the emotional songwriting chops required for indie adoration, and with 'Mute', instrumental ambition is accomplished too, most impressively with the song's Brian Eno like scale and sprawling climax, filled with warped synths and mesmeric guitar lines. 

Toby McCarron

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