Friday, 1 February 2013

The Haxan Cloak - The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)

For those that find other Tri-angle records artists like Holy Other and Vessel a bit tame, or not really gloomy and dread-enducing enough, then fear not The Haxan Cloak has arrived.

With his record 'Excavation' dropping on the 15th April, the new high priest of doom and despair has unveiled an affecting marvel of a taster with 'The Mirror Reflecting Part 2'. The synths are set to drone, and the atmosphere of the track hangs across its seven minutes like a corpse in the gallows. It's a relentless expedition void of respite, which has the power to stop any listener still in their tracks.

If you can stomach the gloom, The Haxan Cloak may just be the most mesmerising figure in electronic music at the moment. 

Toby McCarron

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