Monday, 18 February 2013

Lone - AM Portal

Fresh from his frenetic 2012 electronic opus 'Galaxy Garden' is producer Lone with a new free download. 

AM Portal is by all means gorgeous. The most obvious and immediate comparison to make is Boards Of Canada, with the discordant synths and sparse atmospherics. But crucially the track erupts half way through with one of Lone's trademark beats and LCD Soundsystem reminiscent cowbell, setting it apart as a more personal proposition from the UK producer. It's a little more restrained than you might have expected from Lone, but the smoothness of the track is quite obviously the draw here and the whole piece is wonderfully crafted. Lone certainly sounds accomplished and with the preparation and dedication he clearly pours into his music, and may well be ready to take over the world with his R&S label comrades this year.

Toby McCarron

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