Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shlohmo & How To Dress Well - Don't Say

With new track 'Don't Say' electronic virtuoso Shlohmo takes a turn for the tender. 

Enlisting the exquisite and often heartbreaking vocal services of Tom Krell (aka How To Dress Well) 'Don't Say' takes precedent as an understated and foreboding track, sounding decidedly distant with Krell's brittle vocals shifting in and out of legibility, yet simultaneously personable and haunting with the signature falsetto of Krell sighing out lines to the tune of "You can't be afraid of what they do" over sleek and stuttering production from Shlohmo. 

For what is essentially a rather bleak track, there is a subtle warmness here as there is to most of How To Dress Well's music, making for an endearing listen. It's also a palpable taster for Shlomo's forthcoming EP 'Vacation' released on March 5th.

Toby McCarron

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