Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Veronica Falls - Waiting For Something To Happen

Veronica Falls are a band for whom the phrase “that difficult second album” does not compute. Second sitting ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’ is the natural step in evolution from their 2011 self-titled debut. From opening track, the somewhat Stone Roses’ Waterfall-esque ‘Tell Me’ the album sounds how a favourite jumper feels, there’s a level of comfort that can almost stop your heart. The fear with making such a natural sounding second album is that it can be seen as lacking development from the former. Fortunately that isn't the case.

Working with Rory Attwell (formerly of Test Icicles, now indie producer/superhuman) has clearly had a profound effect upon the London four piece. There is a near-pop sheen on this album that wasn't in place previously and a greater interest in the power of vocal melody. The songs and ideas on display sound fuller, deeper, more developed. This is a band testing what it is to head out into the world and accept you can’t be a dreamy-eyed teen forever. ‘Everybody’s Changing’ is a song born of frustration and ‘Broken Toy’ one of moving on. These are songs that couldn't have been on a successful debut. They’re the stuff of changing attitudes, of time on the road. They give the impression that Roxanne Clifford has experienced hardships since 2011 that she needed to pen.

What the band have brought to the table is an album loaded with well-constructed and well-meaning songs. There’s an air of 90’s indie to the whole affair. They haven’t gone overboard with production in the way many bands seem to recently. ‘My Heart Beats’ uses apt levels of reverb to resonate but there is an essence the album in its entirety could be replicated onstage. There are no bells and whistles because they just aren't needed. There is a lesson for a lot of other bands in this album, less sometimes really is more. What Veronica Falls have on their side is a gift, and they’re not going to let it fall aside by overdoing anything.
By the time closing track ‘Last Conversation’ falls into place you wonder where the time has gone and are left having to press play again to try and get your fill. 


Paul Schiernecker

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