Wednesday, 25 April 2012

St. Vincent - Krokodil

Ever since Annie Clark A.K.A St. Vincent’s debut full length ‘Marry Me’, she has been slowly edging towards heavier material, ramping up the drums and unleashing her insane guitar playing, a strange juxtaposition to the composed and sweet-natured person she is when removed from the music. Last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Strange Mercy’ saw her give herself more freedom in the music, trying to cater to what she would want to hear, rather than what her audience want from her; with her drummer even saying in an interview with Under The Radar ‘the one rule was that she wanted the drums to sound like sex’. ‘Krokodil’ is definitely a darker side to Clark with brash distorted guitar shredding, a steady drum beat and wailing and shouting vocals; sounding the heaviest she’s ever sounded with an extremely badass attitude. It’s a departure from what we’re used to from Annie, although as with everything she does, she executes this well and here’s hoping that there’s going to be more material like this on her next record. 

Aurora Mitchell

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