Saturday, 7 April 2012

Teen Daze - Fantasy

I will be honest, when I heard that there was a new Teen Daze song dropping, I thought there would be a bit more meat to feast on than what I recieved. I mean, it’s a fine enough track, but it doesn’t really do anything or have any strictly interesting elements to it. It just sounds like a random track he knocked together in about an hour on a bored night. The chord progression is repetitive and plain - it isn’t even catchy. In fact, it’s quite unremarkable at all.

I mean, it’s relatively chill and relaxing, but for a song that is apparently intended to build up anything relative to the word ‘buzz’, Fantasy is not something that catches my attention for more than a mildly pleasant ‘oh, cool’, the same kind of reaction you’d give to someone telling you they were going to see a film you had no interest in. It’s taken from a so called ‘EU tour EP’, which implies to me that this must just an Easter egg compilation release, consisting of half developed tracks and b-sides, just for the novelty of releasing something to tie in with his European tour. And that’s fine, but considering he’s dropping a ‘single’ to go with that, you’d think it’d have a bit more going for it, and maybe even some vocals to go with it.

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