Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe (Feat. Dr. Dre)

'The Recipe' sounds busy, but not in a muddled way. This isn’t a one-trick track fired off to keep the hype around him bubbling, neither is it a way for him to showcase his skills, quite the opposite actually, The Recipe’s recipe of weed, girls and sun is tremendously familiar (but crucially, never samey). It’s busy because the samples littering its background bounce of each other without ever clouding one another out, it’s busy because the syrupy backbeat is thick and solid but never overblown and distracting. Alternating between rapping and semi-singing, Lamar confidently demonstrates that he has the personality to carry off nearly six minutes worth of near-clichés without having to revert to shock tactics or radical rearrangement. It lends itself to repeat listens through business, you want to savour every aspect and revel in the attention to detail. Understandably, he’s being touted for the big time with the kind of confidence people were treating Drake with when he was at this stage in his career and that kind of confidence often lends itself to a certain degree of freedom other up and comers aren’t ever offered. I’m waiting with baited breath, but the man himself is probably breathing pretty deeply.

Ned Powley

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