Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Little Boots - Every Night I Say A Prayer

Not too long ago, we got Shake. Whilst the full version was little under 7 minutes, its concise radio edit gave us 4 minutes of glamorous disco that pulsed through the airwaves as if Shit Robot had met Madonna. A few months down the line and some were starting to worry about how long this return was taking. Fear not longtime indie-dancefloor lovers, Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots has been working her dj kicks off and is back with a belter of a pop song that forms an eerie prelude to her forthcoming second album. “I have seen into the future; I want you to take me there” she sings in the chorus. It’s again a bit Madonna, but without the modern day dross that comes with that name. With a gentle piano line giving way to a bouncing synth line, it’s as much a train-head-bobber as it is a genuine dance track. With a remix from Tensnake also floating around and gaining radio play, only time will tell if Boots’ music will go properly pop or dance, but here’s to hoping that as she mentioned at her Record Store Day show at Rough Trade, there’s a strong house element to it, because losing Boots to low chart pop would be nothing short of a tragedy.

Braden Fletcher

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