Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Factory Floor - Two Different Ways

Factory Floor get lumped with words like industrial and grimy, bleak and difficult, but sexy? Yes, because with this, their debut release through DFA, they’ve taken the pulverising motorik of earlier work and refined into something that no longer sounds like two malfunctioning forklifts rutting violently against each other. An incessant arpeggio hammers throughout and Nik Colk’s ephemeral vocals, once angular and distraught, have grown into something haunting and powerful much like the band themselves, they seem more assured and ready, no longer relying on the features of the genres that spawned them to bolster their sound, here they deploy drum machine claps and overlapping synth lines with terrifying ease. Lying underneath it all is an amorphous wall of multi-layered percussion that recalls both Late of The Pier and 808’s era Kanye. Success still hasn’t found Factory Floor, but on the basis of Two Different Ways, it seems like they’re keen to find it for themselves.

By Ned Powley

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