Friday, 9 December 2011

ASAP Rocky - LiveLoveA$ap

Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky aka Rakim Mayers was born into hip hop. Named at birth after legendary New York rapper Rakim and brought up with the likes of the Wu-tang Clan and UGK. On the back of a couple of videos that went viral (‘Purple Swag’ and ‘Peso’) ASAP Rocky bagged himself a $3Million (£1.9 Million) record deal with RCA and a supporting slot on tour with Drake. Not bad for someone who was virtually unheard of outside of Harlem this time last year.

Regardless of what you may think due to the $3 Million price tag, LIVELOVEA$AP is NOT a mainstream hip hop record, blurry and hazy beats galore accompanied by lyrics full of weed references. ASAP’s flow sounds laid back, effortless and likeable, think Lil Wayne but with an actual ability to rap.

Clams Casino’s production is another key aspect to this album featuring in songs such as ‘Palace’ ‘Bass’ and ‘Wassup’ Clams’ shall indubitably be a producer to look out for in the near future, already producing for the likes of Lil B and Main Attrakionz.

LIVELOVEA$AP is the ultimate lazy Sunday album and that in itself speaks volumes about why ASAP Rocky is one of the “sounds of 2012.”


By Aaron Lewins

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