Thursday, 15 December 2011

Stay+ - Dandelion (feat. Psychologist)

Stay+ have a very definite sound, it’s pulsing synth that fades away with some breathy and echo-laden vocals over the top. Dandelion carries this sound for 40 seconds and then it drops. Not of the shitty bass variety, but the sudden inclusion of a clanging beat that recalls the bolder moments of Burial’s Untrue. Psychologist’s vocals, whilst still retaining the characteristic airy quality, have some definite heft behind them which imbues the whole thing with a sense of euphoria rather than the hysteric paranoia of former singles Fever and Stay+. It would appear that the Artists Formerly Known As Christian Aids have gone and done a banger and while it isn’t a radical change, the alterations they have made are all good indicators that they ready to properly embrace this pop malarkey.

By Ned Powley

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