Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sleigh Bells - Born To Lose

2012 sees the return of noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells, coming after a seemingly unexpected wave of hype surrounding the duo in early 2010 which led to them becoming the aspiring hipster's party music of choice. Somewhat surprisingly, unlike many bands who return to make their 'difficult second album' Sleigh Bells' sound has not changed in the slightest.

In fact new track 'Born to Lose' is so similar to previous work, it's hard to believe it's a new track at all. The beat has the drive of 'Tell Em', Alexis' cooing backed with her lessened rebellious war cries point essentially to a rehashed 'Riot Rhythm'. While once Sleigh Bells brought something new and invigorating to the table, now they sound slightly out of ideas. M.I.A.'s most loved prodigies have allowed themselves to become moulded, presumably so the same people who loved them in 2010 don't wander astray. It all smells a bit of Sleigh Bells trying to cling to the zeitgeist that popularised them, failing to recognise that these sort of songs have been done already, albeit by themselves on 'Treats'.

On the upside it's at least got a bit of drive and excitement behind it, and will have the large majority looking forward to the Valentines day release of new album 'Reign of Terror'. But let's hope when that day comes, Sleigh Bells don't just reproduce their debut record for the sake of past acclaim.

By Toby McCarron

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