Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Django Django - Waveforms

When Django Django first established themselves as a band, the band ethic and music were dead on average apart from the song 'Default' which was and still is unashamedly catchy. New single 'Waveforms' takes this four piece on a new direction that is altogether more current and intriguing. Although some of the cliches from popular 2010 bands still linger in the undertones of the song, Django Django have clearly progressed as a band and tightened their sound. 

As if the name Django Django wasn't weird enough for you, the video for 'Waveforms' contains many ambiguous scenes of floating material and abstract shapes that make little sense apart from the floating material which I assume is meant to represent these waves they're talking about. There are many references to waves in the song as it features a oscillating synth which sounds like the Atari Punk Console, creating the aural sensation of waves lapping in fast motion. 'Waveforms is well put together and shows a small glimmer of promise from these London boys.

By Aurora Mitchell

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