Wednesday, 12 October 2011

David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time

If it had been any other artist to release this track, you’d write it off pretty much immediately. The vocals are testing and the lyrics sound like something you’d find written on the wall of a toilet in a mental health ward in Slough. But this song is by David Lynch, so y’know, maybe there’s a little more to it if you scratch the surface. Grounded in a loose, jazzy drum loop and swamped in stomach-churning background noises, it’s not an easily accessible track in the slightest but it does give some clues as to which direction Lynch’s forthcoming debut might take. Considering the last track he put out was a slice of creepy electro-pop, this is a wholly different beast, but this can be expected of Lynch, he’s not a man known for staying still for very long.

Running at 7 minutes in length, Crazy Clown Time is a knowingly self-indulgent track and without some level of pretention it would fall on it’s arse. Thankfully Lynch plays it for all it’s worth: singing in a crackly falsetto, littering the background with slinky slide guitar and loading the refrains of "Daddy spilt beer on Sally" with enough menace to stop them sounding completely ridiculous.

By Ned Powley

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