Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness

Los Campesinos! have slowly built up an almost cult following of teenage fans over the past few years and this November sees them return with their fourth album. Few bands manage to document so precisely their growing maturity and ensuing adulthood as Los Campesinos!. From the first album of twee indie pop to the most recent one of violent romanticism, Los Campesinos!’s dark undertones have always been one of their main attractions.

The first single from the album of the same name, ‘Hello Sadness’ is typically self-deprecating with lead singer, Gareth, showing off his trademark clever and quirky lyrics a with the opening couplet "a wishbone hangs between your breasts/I hope you haven’t pulled it yet" demonstrating a poignant lust. As the song builds, so does the angst, up to a roaring instrumental crescendo as faint hums remind the listener of the twee history of the band. But gone are the xylophones as Gareth echoes in the background "Goodbye courage, hello sadness".

Although it does not have the same catchy quality as free download ‘By Your Hand’, Los Campesinos! can simply do know wrong in the eyes of their fans, a number which is growing with every release. For many fans ‘Hello Sadness’ has become one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year.

By Jessy Parker

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