Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye Dananananaykroyd


In recent days, the news of Dananananaykroyd's split has spread. As with a lot of bands that struggle to find a concrete genre, Death From Above 1979 and Test Icicles specifically, the band have split up quite early in their career and with only two albums under their belt, it did come as a bit of a shock to their fans. Famed for their blistering and raucous live shows, the band, who's name is a pun on the actor Dan Ackroyd's name, will play one more farewell tour before they depart for good.
Some members have already started to go off in their own directions with John Bailie Jnr already having side project 'Dolby Anol' to fall back on but for similar bands, this break-up will have a massive knock out. Dananananaykroyd became mildly acknowledged with regular slots at the Reading and Leeds Festival and many saw them as the leaders of the "fight-pop" genre. Without them, many bands might struggle to find a place to slot in with.
By Robbie Baxendale

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