Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fixers - Majesties Ranch

Of all the shit new indie bands coming through this year trying to revive things that don't need to be revived (ahem, Viva Brother...) what a breath of fresh air Fixers are.

Here are a band that have a lot of the right influences (Brian Wilson of the beach boys being a large one) but refuse to be put into any kind of box, and turn influences into something distinctively new and exciting. The joy in fixers' craft is that no two songs sound the same. Majesties ranch is one of their most poppy songs to date, and shows much more confidence in being unashamedly grandiose. The vocals are clearer, the guitars are louder and the choruses are bigger than anything they've done before. The thrust of previous single 'Crystals' and the oddity of 'Swimmhaus Johannesburg' are echoed, but not replicated. Jack's vocals are clearer, and while still resembling Animal Collective slightly, are infectious as he details his "small detachment by the sea"  before exploding into "you had it all in her majesties ranch" over  sun-drenched harmonies and driving guitars.

In a world of mediocre indie, Fixers triumph as one of the most exciting new bands around and if you're not already looking forward to their new EP 'Imperial goddess of mercy' than you bloody well should be. 

By Toby McCarron

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