Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dum Dum Girls - Only In Dreams

Dum Dum Girl’s latest album ‘Only in Dreams’ due out September 23rd represents not only a musical growth for the band, but also a hugely personal journey in terms of song writing for lead singer Dee-Dee, as she takes emotions from the death of her mother and puts it together to make a real honest lyrical album from the heart. Not only is the lyrical content of the album about loss of Dee-Dee’s mother but also about the struggles of separation from her husband on tour (Brandon Welchez – from Crocodiles), which together makes the album definitely worth a listen.

‘Only In Dreams’ is a jump for the band as they move away from their first album which was considered to be a bit lo-fi, featuring heavy prominent drum beats, has now been transformed to a softer approach in terms of using melodic guitars along with the girl’s distinctive vocal sound. However the change in the album or in fact the addition of these softer songs, like ‘Coming Down’, hasn’t taken away or totally lost their upbeat and lively image. It’s defiantly still there! Even with repetition of loss in the lyrics of the album, which a lot of bands use widely in song writing, there catchy bass melody is still present within the lyrics, giving the album a range of elements, especially in ‘Teardrops on My Pillow’ and ‘Hold Your Hand’. Both emotional songs but with that Dum Dum Girl's happy vibe. Not only is the band’s music a little infectious, the girl’s 60’s/indie style adds to the overall Dum Dum Girl’s package.

With the release next month of the album and a huge number of gigs ahead around America and Europe from August to November, will it all set the ball rolling in time by growing a larger following? I hope so! Upbeat, infective and bold, ‘Only In Dreams’ gives the feeling of going back in time and is more impressively perhaps Dum Dum Girls’ most cohesive work to date.


By Ailsa Morris

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