Monday, 5 September 2011

Slow Club - Where I'm Waking/Rough Trade East Instore

“Where I’m Waking” is the second single to be taken from Slow Club’s second album “Paradise” (release date September 12th 2011) and after the mixed reactions of “Two Cousins” there was much speculation over whether to expect anything great from the following single.

“Where I’m Waking” is upbeat, full of fantastic vocals on both Rebecca and Charles’ behalves and an almighty drumbeat. “Where I’m Waking” demonstrates how Slow Club have matured from “Yeah So” and the song is accessible to many more listeners and I have no doubt that it will do incredibly well.

To accompany the album release, Slow Club performed an instore gig at Rough Trade East, London. A large amount of fans, young and old queued outside and they were not disappointed. Rebecca and Charles performed a beautiful set entirely of new songs including the two latest singles; “Where I’m Waking” and “Two Cousins”.

Rebecca asked the crowd who had bought their new album and with a response she asked them to email her their thoughts to”, demonstrating they have not lost their lovely sense of humour when performing live.

Both of their vocals were stronger than ever and the introduction of two new live members has worked in the band’s favour.
I recommend seeing Slow Club on their tour this month ( as you will not be disappointed.

By Julia Christmas
Photography By Lucy Ansell

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