Saturday, 24 September 2011

CANT - Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True is Chris Taylor’s debut record as a solo artist. The Grizzly Bear bassist partners up with George Lewis Jr. of Twin Shadow for this release and the end result is sublime listening. No comparisons can be made from Grizzly Bear to CANT, other than the fact Chris Taylor is the genius behind it, however there is a definite Twin Shadow influence throughout the entire record. Dreams Come True has a strong seasonal feel to it, I can't imagine myself enjoying it all that much during the heat of summer, though I can envision it playing through my headphones on a cold, dark winter morning with ease.

That's enough about the weather. The album is made up of only eight tracks, thirty minutes of music but that by no means makes Dreams Come True a minimalist record. Everything about it has been done to the most exquisite detail, the production itself could not be any better, and allows for very smooth listening. The opening track 'Too Late, Too Far' kicks things off in style, its a very interesting start to the record. If anyone was predicting a half hearted effort, 'Too Late, Too Far' immediately rules that out. It's a subtle explosion of creativity, blended beautifully with Chris Taylor's vocals. However it's '(brokencollar)' that provides the highlight, it lacks the fascinating array of sounds that the multi instrumentalist includes in the album's other songs. Infact it is much more stripped down than any other track on the record and it makes for a brilliant change of pace.

Dreams Come True comes to a swift end with the eighth song, which shares its name with the albums title, its as though the record finishes a bit too soon, but with that said, its a fitting end to a courageous, bold album. Hopefully the first of many from CANT. 


By Josh Barrow

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