Sunday, 18 September 2011

Top 5 Twin Peaks Musical Moments

If you aren’t already familiar with the early 90s crime drama Twin Peaks, you should probably leave right now and look it up on Google. Twin Peaks combines unnerving characters with confounding storylines containing gaping plot holes that gradually build up towards a result that will equally confuse you. To celebrate the masterpiece that is David Lynch and this iconic cult programme, here is a top 5 musical moments from the show;

1. Those Opening Credits

The entrance to the dystopian world that is Twin Peaks, a theme song provides a fitting intro into this imaginary town full of amazing nature and wildlife but also full of sharp turns. There's something so uplifting about the scenic shots accompanied by the eerily positive music that doesn't quite prepare you for the murky depths beneath the seemingly clear surface in this typically rural town. Although you're more than likely inclined to skip past the intro on your DVD for most TV series, it's impossible to get tired of this compelling yet strikingly 'missing jigsaw piece' effect video. 

2. Laura Palmer's Theme

Although not included in the proper Series 1, this scene depicting the emotional devastation of Laura Palmer's parents as they both understand what's happening when Sheriff Truman comes up to tell Leland. The atmospheric nuanced instrumental we later come to know as a trademark plays throughout the parents conversation and strangely crescendos to the uplifting piano progression the moment both Sarah and Leland realise the news. A spine-chilling moment.

3. Audrey's Dance 

Whenever Audrey bursts into sporadic dancing moments, you become more interested in Audrey but also you can't help but share the expression of the customers sitting down in the 'Double R Diner' as it's slightly bewildering and especially Donna who bares an uneasy smile, not quite sure what to do with herself. This comes just after Audrey has confessed to Donna that she fantasises about Dale Cooper and although it seems abstract (as do many things in Twin Peaks), you might find yourself infectiously clicking along accompanying Audrey's strange sway-dance. 

4. Cooper's Dream

Accompanying the first perturbing look into the secrets of Twin Peaks, first we are met with eerie drone that keeps you on the edge of your seat whilst we're guided through Cooper's dream but things take a turn for the jazz with The Man From Another Place dancing along to Audrey's Dance with flashing lights blaring as Laura Palmer whispers the name of the killer into Cooper's ear.  It's possibly not as surreal as the characters talking backwards gibberish but it's close and the incoherence makes for a very realistic dream scene, which would later become one of the most iconic scenes from the show. 

5. The Awkward Singing Scene with James, Madeleine and Donna
Firstly, why does James sound like Gross Magic? Or vice versa I suppose you could say. This is the ultimate awkward moment when the three sing "Just You And I" together and you realise both Madeleine and Donna have fallen for James (god knows why). It just shows the technology used to improve voices before autotune infected everything and even the creepiest shows can have a musical number for no reason. 

By Aurora Mitchell 

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