Friday, 1 July 2011

Two Wounded Birds - Interview

Ironically named Two Wounded Birds, this Margate four piece have encapsulated the sound of the summer both in their music and their image. With pictures of them happily stood by the sea accompanying the surf pop influences in their music, TWB have charmed people with their clich├ęd but likeable persona. Recently playing the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury, they're starting to receive the attention that they deserve. We talk to frontman Johnny Danger;

Obvious first question choice, how would you describe your relationship with The Drums?
We are friends and we enjoy each others music. We enjoyed a great tour with them.

Can we expect an album and will the sound be more similar to your EP 'Keep Dreaming Baby' or newer single 'Midnight Wave'?
We have all the tracks we want on the album and the sound is probably encompassing both those things. I'd say it would be more similar to the EP sound i think. 

Coming from Margate, what is your favourite thing to do while at the seaside?
Go to the beach and eat Ice Cream! Its great when the sun is out.

Are you excited about playing 1234 Festival and can we expect new songs from your set?
We are all really excited about 1234 and our sets becoming quite long now, and yes, we will be playing some new songs for it. Its always fun to play new songs and see how it works.

Your music has a distinct summer vibe, is summer your favourite season?
Of course! its the best feeling.

Do you have any future plans in terms of touring abroad?
We would love to tour again in Europe and the UK, and we will be doing some of that towards the end of this year. Think we would all really love to tour the USA though!

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