Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sound InPhotos: The Front Bottoms @ Dingwalls

Incase you haven't already heard, allow us to update you. The Front Bottoms are one of the most incredible bands still channelling punk rock and roll through semi acoustic songs about heartbreak and home, on the planet.

So when they decided to tour the UK and play Camden's sweaty Dingwalls venue; the place sold out. They open with a series of singles (both current and forthcoming) from their second record Talon of the Hawk and play through a hugely energetic set to a crowd that more than welcomes them in; even if frontman Brian Sella is wearing a Millwall shirt (blame his parents, and their parents, apparently.)
Highlights come in the form of TotH opener Au Revoir (Adios), and lead single and set-closer Twin Sized Mattress. Never before outside a rock/hardcore show have we seen such dedication from fans screaming lyrics back at an artist.
Of course the highlights of their debut record, Maps and Flashlight see the most singalongs with huge amounts of passion. For a group of people who've probably not travelled as much as Sella, nor experienced East Coast America; the amount they relate to his heartache on the topics is astounding.
We sent Braden along to the show with a camera and we suppose we should show you the results?

This show was as good as any festival set or gig I've been to in 2013 so far, and I go to quite a few.

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