Monday, 21 October 2013

The Sound Influx Playlist: 21.10.13

Week two has arrived! A feature with real longevity has finally made its way to the site. You just watch, this will be our most prolific yet.
This week of course brings ten new tracks for your listening pleasure and quite a lot for ours as well. We've been graced with huge variety of music in 2013 that we've not always been able to cover, so to put a few older tracks in here is a must. As such, you'll find tracks from Lewis Watson and Embers in here as well as tracks from Polly Scattergood's new album and our most recent Band to Look Out For, Caandides.

We also have three featured tracks in there as well, which this week come from Tycho, Blood Orange and KXNGS.

Tycho - Awake

Not ten hours after we launched the debut playlist last monday, LA act Tycho aka Scott Hansen delivered the newest piece of beauty to come out of his breed of dreamy electronic music. It's entitled Awake and it's to come from his third record; it's what ambience sounds like when you live in synth heaven.
Braden Fletcher

Blood Orange - Chamakay

Super-producer and musician/uber-hipster extraordinaire Dev Haynes is back with electronic solo project Blood Orange. Forget Barry White, this is what baby-making music will sound like in the future.
Rob Bramhill

KXNGS - I'm Looking For Love

There’s a wealth of great r&b infused pop around the UK at present, most notably popularised by AlunaGeorge, but perfected here by Kxngs. ‘I’m Looking For Love’ carries glorious, shimmering production and precision cut-up vocal samples creating a terrifically exciting pop hybrid. The almost trap-inspired bounce to the track is hypnotising and entirely necessary right now in the cold corporate world of pop.
Toby McCarron

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