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Acts to Look Out For: #19-24.

We've neglected our Bands/Acts to Look Out For section for quite some time now; which is strange considering how much music our editorial consumes recently. By way of an apology for neglecting our primary function as a new music site, Braden's decided to do a bumper post of four, stretching from acoustic acts through to some solid pop via post-rock and indie.


We saw Khushi for the first time at the Great Escape back in May after a tip off from Faded Glamour in March. Since then, singer songwriter Kalim Patel and his band have finally gotten around to releasing their/his debut single Magpie. It's out on a gorgeous clear 7" vinyl from the Laissez Faire Record Club and should see the Londoner rise up billings across the country very soon.

If you're a fan of anything from The National through to Ben Howard, you'll find KHUSI to be one of the most enjoyable new acts this year.

#20: Dan Croll

First emerging almost a year ago now, Dan Croll's Vampire Weekend come Lucy Rose sound has earnt him a host of high profile support slots (Stornoway, Bastille, Imagine Dragons) as well as a Radio One Live Lounge session and an appearance on the new FIFA 14.

The Liverpudlian, backed with his own band has an array of singles now, all sounding somewhat different from one another; which we can only assume is going to lead to quite the debut album if he can pin it all down. This busy year sees him embark on a few more headline shows in the UK before he creates that all important record though, so whilst we can still call him new, we thought it best to feature the very talnted Dan Croll. Hear his new single (and our favourite to date), Home below.

#21: Nordic Giants

We've seen Nordic Giants a few times now so you may have noticed them crop up every now and then, but it's been 18 months since they first entered our ears and they've created a host of new material since then including their new single, Violent Lights (below) which may well be their most beautiful yet.

Fans of Sigur Ros and all things of similar beauty will find Nordic Giants to be possibly the most exciting new post-rock act coming through the ranks at the moment. The Brighton duo like to shroud themselves in mystery as well as clad themselves in a selection of rather flamboyant feathered outfits to perform live, and that only adds to their already hugely visual stage setup. Their selection of videos project onto screens around them and create films to which their music triumphantly and often darkly accompanies. Few bands breaking through right now are as interesting as the Giants.
Facebook // New EP Bandcamp

#22: 1984

The Subways were accused of having their thunder stolen by Blood Red Shoes after taking too long a break between records to create their third; but in terms of keeping the scene of '07 alive, BRS may have shot themselves in the foot as well as taking the British glass from Franz Ferdinand's latest record and The Sunshine Underground's more listenable tracks by producing the 1984's latest record Influenza. Whilst on record, they sound not too dissimilar to their predecessors; live they have the shy persona of their fellow Frenchmen Phoenix but mixed with the power that rides through Alex Kapranos and Damon Albarn. They've most definitely been through the British school of what makes a grit rock band, but they've come out without the pretence or bravado so unbearable. Laura Mary Carter and Steve Ansell, give yourselves a pat on the back.
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#23. The IC1s

When you think about bands like Editors and The Enemy, you often get lost in references to the 90's and end up in a crowd surrounded by a bunch of self professed 'LADS' who'll spill their £4.50 pint on you and say something about their missus being somewhere infront of you as they push past. They'll later say something about 'banter' and make you wonder why you bothered listening to this music.
Rarely however, do bands come around that sound like this whilst shrugging off the stereotypes with a shed-load of passion and heart.
The persona of a Gallagher is still there, but with the kind of love for music that Noel showed, not the swagshite of Liam. They've even got the backing of Libertine's drummer Gary Powell.

#24. Swiss Lips

Oh yes, we've finally got round to formally introducing these wonderful Mancunian gentlemen. It's looking like they're going to finally kick off in the coming few months as they'll be releasing an actual EP entitled YEAH. What we've already learnt about the band is that they're one of the most exciting new pop acts coming through the ranks, hot on the tails of tour buddies Bastille and friends with the likes of The Horrors. We know that Amazing Radio had their debut single U Got The Power at #1 in their charts and we know that they're capable of creating both a month long party on Brick Lane as well as a video game for another single.
Swiss Lips, in their own words are pop-sorcerors that make music to dance to; and we're inclined to agree. 

So there you have it! Six acts of varying new-ness to add to your listening pile. Hopefully you made it through the whole thing and have a variety of new music to enjoy.
We'll be launching our New Music Playlist next week and will have a new Bandcamp feature coming up soon as well. New acts, prepare to get featured, providing you're smashing!

Braden Fletcher

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