Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sound Camp #1

See what we did there? We're called Sound Influx and we're doing a series of features on BandCamp. What's that? We're not witty and our wordplay leaves much to be desired? Oh, well, in that case; let's get right to it shall we?

We'll be bringing this feature to you once or twice a month depending on how prolific and how great the acts we hear on our Bandcamping adventures are. For now though, here's three to get started with!

Luke Godwin

You remember that show we were going to put on to celebrate our birthday that got cancelled due to a series of cock ups that were beyond our control? Well this chap was going to open. He's the godsend of the playlist maker, bridging acoustic music with rock'n'roll in brilliant fashion with his husky voice and super acoustic guitar skills and he's also one of the most hard working solo artists around playing shows across London and the rest of the UK on a regular basis. Fortunately for him, his debut album Brand New Lands is a brilliant culmination of all of that.

Whilst we'd happily talk about his journeyman songs of standard journeyman genre but exceptional lyricism and catchiness for another hundred words, it's much simpler for us to simply embed the album; plus you'll enjoy that much more.

Observer Drift 

Heralding from Minneapolis can have its benefits; the big city life whilst maintaining the ability to sleep has certainly done the trick for Observer Drift. His second album, Fjords is the ultimate in chill-wave/ dream-pop music. Taking from all of the beauty of his debut album Corridors last year; Fjords was released in May and in the months since its release has remained as beautiful as it was on first listen. What's more, now it's getting wintery, you'll want to stay in a bit more right? We can testify that it sounds just as good with a mug of hot chocolate as it did whilst recovering from Margarita's.

Trent Everywhere 

Name us a producer that can sample Brand New and Sigur Ros and still make both feel like their own? Viewers, we present to you Trent Everywhere.
His debut-EP-proper Summer Dreams (Summer Nights Remastered) came out at the beginning of the year and is full of wonderful sounding tracks produced to the highest quality. It's chilled and intense at the same time and features some of the most interesting beats we've heard in a while. Definitely give Summer Dreams a download (it's free after all) and search on Soundcloud for In The Ocean (here.)

So there you have it. Week one of our Bandcamp discoveries.
We'll have more to you very soon, providing music continues to be amazing and BandCamp continues to host it.

Braden Fletcher

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