Sunday, 20 October 2013

Band To Look Out For #25: Caandides

Heads up. The band are Caandides. They hail from Paris, but the sounds they make could come from Mars. Their music brings to mind the joyous, jubilant freak folk of early Animal Collective records, pinning down ethereal and unusual sounds with simple, sumptuous melodies. The lead singer’s voice has the soulful gravel of Guillemots’ Fyfe Dangerfield.

But that is where any useful comparisons with those bands, or any other bands, end. Their sound is communal, welcoming and cosy, but at the same time somehow alien and peculiar. Everyone sings, everyone swaps instruments (including a steel drum), like they were in a hippy commune campfire meet. Their music is filled with whoops, repetition and ecstatic noise. Dismantling pop music, stealing the bits they like and fashioning them into wonderfully weird shapes. They communicate a joy and an energy so bright and buoyant that at times it feels like the music is being barely stopped from flying away, spinning off to another world.

As yet unsigned, they already have several EPs on Spotify and on their Bandcamp page, and if you do one thing today, watch the video for their song ‘Before The Art’, a video which complements their wilfully weird aesthetic. Their other videos are equally inventive and bizarre. Give them a listen. If you’re a fan of dance-leaning left field indie bands Animal Collective, and Cults, we think you’ll fall in love with them.

Josh Barfoot

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