Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sound Camp #2

Sound Camp this week is brought to you in the form of multiple single reviews from acts that are on Band Camp (and one that's a simple equation for why you should/will enjoy it.)
Sound Camp needn't be a rigidly structured feature in which we tell you exactly what to listen to and how it sounds and who dresses in what way, because at the end of the day, its your decision to get some new music; we're simply highlighting the platform.

Beach Skulls -
Eliot Humphreys talks about 'U Were Mine'
"a music video was usually the eyecatcher in the music industry when all the cool kiddies cared about was Kerrang!, MTV 2 and cheese nips; now that YouTube is where it's at, it can be a trial to wade through the sea of content, so sharing is the fair way of finding stuff." Beach Skulls' recent lift from their forming EP "A different kind of smooth", 'U Were Mine' throws a Japanese-Karaoke vibe over a lush and melodically climactic exercise in lounge surf and dream pop. Green screens; such possibility.

Julia Brown - Eliot Humphreys on 7"
Featuring ex-members of culty internet songwriter Sam Ray's (Ricky Eat Acid/Starry Cat/Heroin Party) former band Teen Suicide, Julia Brown's first vinyl release (out on Birdtapes) delivers a 3-track EP of lofi post-indie/emo gloom-pop, making waves in the blog-o-sphere. 'Library' rides through lusciously, its primary hook being a distinctive rival for any NME fodder. In a good way. Contrasting with the tender acoustic closer 'the way you want', a sad lullaby and nice way to close the release. I've been meaning to buy the release, but that shipping, man. Hey, it might be a cult classic in a few years, but, it morally pains me to part with that postage tax.

Courtyard - Elilot Humphreys on Demo 2013 in the current 'revival' or re-popularising (if you will) of emo has brought us to 2013 and a young band from London called Courtyard, embracing post-American Football style indie rock. The 3-track EP implements horns and atmospheric build ups, and gives a relaxing feel to the whole thing. The subtle and easing self-titled introduction, the melancholic and wailing horn almost emotionally providing replacement for the lack of vocals. the quality of the other two tracks is quiet astounding, despite how young the trio are, all under the age of 18. Their intelligent understanding of their medium is delicately distinct. Definitely a favourite for 2013 and one to watch for 2014.

Cofun -
Eliot Humpreys on We Practice Our Songs.
Along with the re-cooling of emo, screamo has had a lot more attention placed on it also, provoking young angsty punx to spazz-out (the PC term) again with dissonan and storming intensity in front of rooms of sparse attendance. Hitting the shores of internet-Japan, young band Cofun have been creating no-rules, Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook /jeromes dream style screamo, forging emo-violence blasts with heart wrenching guitar hooks and intense vocals. A band like this really do demonstrate the versatility of the genre and how all a band like this needs to create something cool (to the key of screamo) is the intention and passion behind it. And like with Courtyard, it's great to see in such a young age.

RESPECT as looked at in depth by Rob Bramhill

Weezer + Titus Andronicus + Ireland = Squarehead

That's Sound Camp!
See you next time.

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