Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Goodtime Boys - What’s Left To Let Go

It is self-evident that Goodtime Boys have changed a lot since their formation. I mean, just listening to their first formative demo (and split with Solutions) from a few years and listening to ‘What’s Left to Let Go’, the amount of noticeable change is quite remarkable. There is a definite progression; Their first is lot darker, a lot heavier and has a firm example as to where the band were emotionally at the time of writing it. Hell, that can be said for every release, because even for their second release, ‘Are We Now, or Have We Ever Been’, there is definitely a shift in mood. I even remember members remarking, soon after putting out such that they didn’t even play any songs from the original demo anymore, which goes to show how they want to be as artists - constantly moving forward, onto the next thing, no stake in the glory days of yesterday but the ones of tomorrow, which is important. As for ‘What’s Left To Let Go’, the aforementioned change is evident as soon as the EP begins. ‘Bloom’ is definitely a well named track; it’s almost beautiful in its majesty. The rage of the band’s music has been put to one side it seems (even if it still fundamentally drives the music). A sign of things to come, Bloom is very uplifting and optimistic, even if it does still have an echo and haze of angst. Following in a more immediate, but similar vein, Callous (the single of which I reviewed quite recently so I shan't dwell on it, but, I am more of a fan of it now than I stated in said review) follows. 

The favourite of mine on this would be the song Reunion, of which I do remember from seeing it performed live. It returns to the heavier style of previous work, which is no means a bad thing as it shakes the EP up and gives it an edge that the other songs weren't intending. As the track goes on, it doesn't quite return to the staple style of the rest of the EP, but it does nod towards that, making the track more of an alternative and stylistic flourish that adds to the overall feel of the EP, rather than an ‘odd one out’, crowbarred in dumbly. 

Overall I was very pleased with this EP and it’s a fine testament to where Goodtime Boys are currently, as a unit. They are set to release this (and their previous EP ‘Are We Now or Have We Ever Been’) as a coloured (pink, purple and green, to be exact. Yum) double LP through Bridge 9 Records on the 23rd of this month (October, dummy) and, around that time are touring around the country with Rolo Tomassi and Oathbreaker. If you get the chance, make it happen. 

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