Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Horrors - Skying

Change. It's peculiar how a new direction can provoke such a varied reaction these days. I'm the first and not the last to admit I was disappointed with Skying's lead single 'Still Life'. Expecting piercing synths and a hard hitting exterior to the single, I was faced with a dream pop esque slow burner. Maintaining the gruff but polished trademark vocals that Faris Badwan has become known for, stealing the show, he strains his vocal chords while exercising a romantic side, 'When you wake up/you will find me'.

Although it was not originally an album track, opener 'Changing The Rain' sets the tone for a decidedly epic sounding album. The title of the track is the perfect sign of the change The Horrors have gone through to write and produce this also, along with the help of Joshua Hayward building their home made studio. 'You Said' has a powerful 80s ballad nature with oscillating synths and Faris' lazy vocals stumbling from one lyric to the next. The pace picks up with a clearer Horrors sound on 'I Can See Through You', the closest this album comes to reliving Primary Colours and carrying on the 80s theme. 

The Horrors, intentionally or not, have encompassed a nostalgic sound with late 80s/early 90s influences. Stand out track 'Moving Further Away' resembles Sea Within A Sea, including a synth  that wouldn't sound out of place on a Factory Floor track. There are hints within the song to being isolated and possibly the repercussions of becoming a successful band, especially lyric 'But they're all strangers now and the silver doesn't shine'. This Essex based five piece have come a long way since their formation in 2006 and they're musically progressing faster than all those around them.


By Aurora Mitchell

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