Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Iceage - Coalition

Back with the follow up to their critically lauded and brutal debut 'New Brigade', are everyone's favourite Scandinavian punks Iceage with a new album titled condescendingly 'You're Nothing'.

This new cut previewed on their blog 'Coalition' is just as snarling and snotty as we've come to expect, with frontman Elias spouting in a slightly more comprehensible manner than in the past. However, the ramshackle element of the debut has been streamlined somewhat into something more accomplished and cohesive, the song may be a barrage of noise, but it is obviously a very well put together one. Hopefully this won't lead to Iceage completely compromising the raw emotion that makes them so exciting, but 'Coalition' is full of energy and a hell of a lot better than anything any other modern punk bands have been coming up with.

Toby McCarron

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