Monday, 21 January 2013

Sound InSession #1 Pt2: Yukon

Earlier today we told you the story of how it came to pass that Sound InSession was born. I'm sure you remember; if not, don't worry it wasn't very interesting. In short, Woodpile Sessions and Sound InSession have been born and married at the alter of filming live music and we got Yukon along for the ride for our very first attempts.

Once we departed the tube (going to the tube in the first place may have been a little overambitious for our first attempts), we took the trip to Brick Lane and Shoreditch with Yukon, a first time visitor to the country. He then graced us with two more tracks. The first, I'm Sorry I'm Such An Idiot was filmed in the construction of 8 Bit Lane by Rough Trade and the second, a cover of Oh No Oh My's I Painted Your House was taken upstairs at Shoreditch's Box Park. Next time, we're planning this better.

Thanks to Yukon for playing for us and being such a good sport as we showed him around London.

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